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Open Letter: Work immigration of physicists and astronomers to Sweden should be stopped, except…

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To originally work immigrant PhD-students in Sweden with salaries and equipment paid by the Swedish taxpayers:

I think work immigration of physicists and astronomers to Sweden should be stopped, except for experts above PhD-level that work primarily with education, or if their work is fully funded by another nation’s taxpayers. I believe the salaries and equipment etc of the PhD-students in Sweden are paid for by the Swedish taxpayers, e.g. me (if this assumption is wrong, please inform me). I have a MSc in physics from Lund University and have studied 37,5 points of astronomy. If these PhD-positions hadn’t been given to work immigrants I could have had one, and my life would be much happier. I also think I’m more talented in physics, astronomy, programming, mathematics and related subjects than you are, and could give important contributions to science if I was only given a chance. I’m however not an extreme expert in any subject right now because I have to change jobs often because I’ve not been given the same good chance that you have been given to work in exactly the same field that I’m educated for.

I’m specially educated to do basic research in physics and astronomy but now I’m not allowed to work within the field I’m educated for. I started my education at the University of Lund in 1986 and the opportunity for jobs looked good then because in those days work immigration was not allowed and all PhD-positions paid for by Swedish taxpayers were given to Swedes*. I paid for my own education by taking student loans. I have studied some courses part time after my main education, when I was working. Then my conditions for studying were not that good. Lund University is one of the best in the world when it comes to physics and the grading system when I started to study was rather hard. I’m also very much a computer user and developer and in the beginning you were not allowed to use computers on the examinations.

It’s not your fault that we have a bad immigration policy and bad active labour market policy in Sweden, but I just want you to know that you are not needed here and that there are already people here that have greater talent within physics etc than you have and that these people now work with other things (against their will) or are unemployed because of you. I do think your professors have been bad for the Swedish masters of science in physics and astronomy. This will result in fewer Swedes wanting to educate themselves for PhD-positions in physics and astronomy when they discover that they can’t get those jobs even though their families paid their taxes for thousands of years and even built the university buildings. When more people discover this, their willingness to fund basic research will decrease, and then funding will decrease, if Sweden is still a true democracy.

I have nothing against cooperating with foreign basic researchers who are funded by their own countries taxpayers or by some international program to aid heavily indebted poor countries.

I think it’s especially wrong if Swedish taxpayers have to pay to educate PhD-students that don’t even speak Swedish fluently, because these people cannot give back to the Swedish society equally well as those who can.

As the situation is now, were we have to pay for the higher education of foreigners that probably wouldn’t support our nation in crisis or war, and we ourselves are not allowed to participate in interesting research, I think it’s better to stop all government funding of university research in Sweden. That way we could lower the taxes drastically and people would have money to fund their own research institutes for basic research.

I would like to know what you think about this suggestion. I think I know how you will respond.

I have a non-Swedish last name (French in my case) but I’m probably 98% Swede. My great great … great grand father arrived in Sweden about 1400. He was a master of metallurgy. Of course he was also an immigrant worker but in those days no one could make better steel than those from the same region in Ardenne. Also they were fully educated and educated the Swedes in making the best of their natural resources. I don’t think the same reasoning applies to you because you don’t have a knowledge that a lot of unemployed or wrongly employed Swedes don’t already have today. Also his salary wasn’t paid by the Swedish taxpayers but by those who bought steel in free competition, which in some cases were the government.

If we are going to have some work immigration it must be thoroughly investigated that we don’t already have people within the country that are wanting and are reasonably qualified for those jobs. If a person is turned down many times, he/she might stop applying for those jobs, but might still rather want them. Thus, just because there are no Swedish applicants for a particular PhD-position doesn’t mean that no person in Sweden is interested in that job. I don’t think a Swede must be exactly qualified for a job paid for by the Swedish taxpayers because adults can also learn. If I don’t know about some theory I could learn it because I’m a physicist and I can use a lot of software and develop my own to train me and do the job even though my brain might not be perfect. In times of crises or war the Swedish eggheads are the only ones that Sweden can assume will stay and defend us. Thus, the Swedish class of eggheads should not be allowed to disappear. But we will disappear if the Swedish state doesn’t give the PhD-positions in physics and related subjects to us.

When I work I pay taxes so that you can have your dream work. It is a great sacrifice I do, but I don’t want to sacrifice my life for yours because you don’t deserve it. I have paid so much taxes I could have financed my own PhD-education many times over if I didn’t have to pay those high taxes to you.

Here is my CV:
<http://www.df.lth.se.orbin.se/~mikaelb/cv/cvmikaelb-sve.html>. [The link to the original site doesn’t work now because your protectors succeeded so far in shutting down my web site. That was an important web site for Swedish and international educators since 1994, see search for mikaelb in the logs [top 1 for many years before shutdown in 2013, but still 2nd in 2013 even though I was shutdown in May]. The shutting down of the site  http://www.df.lth.se/~mikaelb/ was a serious attack on free speech, since it had a lot of inlinks and was highly ranked in search engines.]

* Swede, in this text means: any legal permanent resident of Sweden, e.g. not immigrant workers or tourists in Sweden.
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